On-site nurse

The on-site nurse help children do a regular health check, which helps parents to know their children’s development better. The nurse would provide appropriate treatments and follow-up. The on-site nurse would also provide consultation services for our parents.

On-site social work service

The on-site social worker comes to our school twice a week, contacts parents regularly, hold parents’ seminar, and provides consultation services for children in need. The worker also delivers a wide range of other support services for families.

On-site pre-school rehabilitation services

The services consist of professional therapists and social workers, they provide professional on-site therapies for children with learning needs.

Speech therapy services

The speech therapist comes to school to provide individual and suitable training for children who have speech development needs. The speech therapist also works alongside the parents, helping parents to train children at home and to respond to children’s speech development needs.

Religion teacher and church support services

Is responsible for supporting religious activities, caring family and children’s needs, share religious messages and child bearing thoughts, and arrange home-visit. 

Support for non-Chinese speaking children

Our school provides support for non-Chinese speaking children, letting them learn in the local education system, and learn better Chinese through activities, which help them to involve in school life, enjoy learning with peers, and enjoy a good time together.

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